Trees for Mumbai Metropolitan Region

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Plantation of 160,200 trees in Bhatsai Village, Thane District in Maharashtra state, India, will increase the forest cover, benefiting not just the wildlife habitat but also improving the air quality of Mumbai which has recorded the AQI of 132 (very poor) recently due it's proximity.




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Urbanisation and extensive deforestation have stripped cities of their flora, impacting weather regulation. Trees are nature's best air purifiers and have become essential in India's cities.


Deforestation in the Thane district has been cyclical for years, harming tribal livelihoods and making the district vulnerable to severe calamities. Therefore reforestation has become a necessary measure for the preservation of the ecosystem.


Cyclone Nisarga (2020) and others in the pastĀ battered Thane severely. Cyclones cause socioeconomic costs, including green cover loss. The project restores forests and biodiversity in the region.


Trees improve air quality and ecosystems. Through carbon sequestration, they will mitigate the greenhouse effect. Each mature tree can sequester 20kg of CO2 per year, a conservative estimate.

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1. 1 Report will be shared at the end of the project completion


2. Can share geo-coordinates of the project location, which will aid in giving the live location of the project


3. Images of nurseries and plantation activities being carried out will be shared




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