Trees for Ecotourism (Uttarkashi)

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SGD $2 per tree

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150,000 trees will help recover degraded and deforested lands with primary forests. The project will produce 12,200 rural workdays, mostly for women, boosting the weak rural economy. These trees will absorb 3 million kg of atmospheric carbon annually when mature. The plantation project will also help decarbonize and battle climate change.




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Twenty percent of households in the selected villages live below the poverty line and depend heavily on forest resources for fuel and livestock fodder. These trees will offer rural people with immediate work and future sustainable income.


The Himalayas encircle Uttarkashi in Uttarakhand, India. The global climate is affecting this Himalayan range, impacting its delicate ecosystems, rich biodiversity, and sensitive local livelihoods.


According to the UN Environment, forests and climate change are interconnected

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Every Quarterly


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1. 1 Report will be shared at the end of the project completion


2. Can share geo-coordinates of the project location, which will aid in giving the live location of the project


3. Images of nurseries and plantation activities being carried out will be shared




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