Trees for Refugee Wellness

Start Date

1 Jan 2023

End Date

31 Dec 2024


SGD 2 for one Tree

About the Project


The refugee area of concern lies in Arua district, 500 km NW of Kampala, Uganda’s capital. The influx of refugees migrating from Sudan into northern Uganda has steeply increased pressure on the natural resources. The project aims at reducing the pressure on such resources by planting trees.


Approximately one million South Sudanese refugees are living in Northern Uganda, where they are housed in large refugee communities in wooded savannah. With an increase in the number of refugees, the pressure on the natural resources of fuelwood, food, and other forest assets was drastically increasing. The plantation initiative will minimise conflict over natural resources and environmental stress while assisting local communities and refugees in meeting their requirements.




Sponsorship to be announced

Objectives / Highlights


All of the sites are currently treeless resulting in a harsh environment for learning, sport, games and even resting. Most schools in the settlement are fenced, which would protect the trees from livestock and fire. This will allow planting of some long-duration species like mahogany, which will be protected in this fenced, managed setting.


The schools have iron sheet roofs and heat up dramatically, creating high temperatures that are a challenge for teaching and learning. Shade trees will be strategically placed around the school to shield it from the Sun.


The trees will help in regreening the area, providing the refugees with an enhanced environment, shade and resting area, fruits for consumption and improved socio-economic health. 

Verifiable Monitoring

Every Quarterly


Sponsorship Details


Returns For Sponsorship


1. 1 report will be shared at the end of the project completion


2. Can share geo-coordinates of the project location, which will aid in giving the live location of the project


3. Images of nurseries and plantation activities being carried out will be shared




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