Trees for Coastal Ecosystems

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The plantation project for 50000 mangroves implemented along the Kazhuveli wetlands in Marakkanam, in the Southern Indian state- Tamil Nadu will provide essential green economy functions. Our future depends on the survival of mangroves, which are crucial habitats. Planting mangroves boosts biodiversity.


Mangroves provide essential green economy benefits to humans. The existence of mangroves is closely intertwined with our own, and our future is inextricably tied with the conservation of these vital habitats. Mangrove planting will increase the region's biodiversity and allow for dependency for resources.



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According to UNESCO, mangroves are disappearing at three to five times faster rate than overall losses of global forest cover in the face of infrastructure development, urbanisation and agricultural land conversion. In the previous 40 years, mangrove coverage has decreased by half. Mangroves make up less than 1% of tropical forests. The emergence of shrimp farms have caused at least 35% of the overall loss of mangrove forests.


Infrastructure development, urbanisation, and agricultural land conversion are destroying mangroves three to five times faster than global forest cover, according to UNESCO. Mangrove coverage has dropped 50% in 40 years. Tropical woods have less than 1% mangroves.


Mangroves are a big


Mangrove forests supply many of the resources that coastal residents rely on for their survival and livelihood. Additionally, mangroves will protect the economic security of fishing communities. Mangrove trees are also a source of fuel, medicines, tannins, and building materials for homes and boats.

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1. 1 Report will be shared at the end of the project completion


2. Can share geo-coordinates of the project location, which will aid in giving the live location of the project


3. Images of nurseries and plantation activities being carried out will be shared




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